Services and Consulting

Nowadays, with almost two decades of working experience in Argentina, we are a company specialized in management.

We are focused on cooperating with the governments to recover tax claims. However, we also provide support for administrative management of financial, human or technological resources.

Our organizations work to assist and strengthen the State collection’s activities in order to provide them with the dynamism demanded by today’s globalized world, shaped by dramatic technological advances.


Our mission is to provide comprehensive assistance to the government’s management in a dynamic, efficient and sustainable way, thus contributing to the community’s welfare.


To be a global operator in the area of comprehensive assistance services for public administrations.

Our Goals

We have nationwide presence. We are consolidated as the main government cooperator for tax administration, going beyond the objectives set at the beginning of contracts. We rely on more than a thousand highly specialized collaborators and we handle more than four million taxes and non-taxes accounts. Our strategy is based on four axes:

We guarantee a customized service. We develop all the possible solutions to optimize collection for our clients, by providing technology, human capital and experience. We adapt to all kinds of environments. We get involved side by side with the existing organization’s activities.

We guarantee results. All the projects underway have reported a considerable improvement in the collection processes and their results, with the same tax burden. Our service does not require an initial payment or fee. The income increase pays by far our commission for services.

We work with transparency. All our contracts were awarded through previous processes of public tender or competitive bidding. The States that hire us audit our work in a continuous and strict way. The collections agent appointed by the State handles our payment.

We believe on sustainability. We can’t think about the future of our business without being sustainable today. We can’t seek economic growth without engaging and working also in conjunction with our value chain. We want to leave a better world and to pass this compromise on to others.